22nd -  24th August Berlin


Fusion of the Industries

#collabothon — Fusion of the Industries

On the initiative of comdirect, Commerzbank and mBank we are looking forward to developing new cross industry ideas together with you during our Collabothon from 22nd  - 24th of August in Berlin.

It will be the first Hackathon in which major European banks team up with leaders from various other industries. All of them will bring in their own teams in order to collaborate with you guys:

Coders, Entrepreneurs, FinTech Evangelists, Ideation Stars, UX Superheroes, Data Fanatics and so on - you are invited as an individual or as teams.

If you have challenging and innovative ideas and are exited to build new business models in a future where borders between finance and other industries are fading, then we would be happy to meet you at the Collabothon.

Within only 48 hours you will make your vision of the future come to reality by developing your own prototype from scratch and afterwards pitch it to the crowd - no powerpoint, we want to see real demos.

There will be several well-known APIs available, plus food and drinks, amazing people and of course, some prizes!

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Register to take part at this years Collabothon!

We're happy that you are interested in participating! Note: there is limited access only. Please buy your ticket on eventbrite or contact us in advance:


  • 22/08/2018 | 05:00 pm


  • Alte Börse Marzahn
  • Zur Alten Börse 59
  • D-12681 Berlin


Why do you name the event Collabothon?

It is called Collabothon because during the event employees of major European banks will work together with talented people who do not belong to any of those banks and come from several different industries.

When will the #collabothon take place?

We'd love to see you on 22nd to 24th August – beginning from 5:00 pm CET (22nd up to open end after the announcement of the winners and awards presentation on 24th.

Where will the #collabothon take place?

Alte Börse Marzahn | Zur Alten Börse 59 | 12681 Berlin | Germany | Find the Alte Börse Marzahn on Google Maps here.

Who can participate at the #collabothon?

We are looking for people who want to disrupt the borders between the financial industry and many others: Coders, Entrepreneurs, FinTech Evangelists, Ideation Stars, UX Superheroes, Data Fanatics and so on.

What will you be doing at the event?

You will develop innovative solutions that disrupt the borders between different industries. There will be several interesting challenges to take on that will soon be announced. Note: We expect everything you develop to be fresh code and Sherlock Holmes along with some other detectives will ensure this during the event. Also, you will need your own laptop, we cannot provide you with any

How will the teams be arranged?

You can join us as lone warriors as well as small groups. Due to our cross-industry focus we would encourage you to find your team at the location so we can create groups with members from different backgrounds and thereby foster cross-industry collaboration.

Will there be catering, food & beverages?

Of course! We will provide you with enough energy so that you can develop your solutions with constant power. Snacks at night will be there for you as well. Note: please let us know in advance if you suffer any allergies or food intolerances!

Will you provide overnight security?

For sure! Chuck Norris and The Expendables will be there with some local guys to keep an eye on the location. But, as everywhere else you should keep an eye on your stuff too.

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